World No Tobacco Day

Posted by Leah on 5/31/2018 to Physical Health
World No Tobacco Day

Once a year, during the last week of May, the Centers for Disease Control celebrates World No Tobacco Day. It's no secret that over 1 billion of the earth's population are avid cigarette smokers, and approximately 7 million perish from the poisonous chemicals in tobacco every year. With the knowledge that society carries now, we are able to identify the deadly consequences of tobacco use, and laws that restrict them in particular areas. With CDC's commitment to a healthy lifestyle, they are able to provide us with tools and resources to aid in the campaign of a tobacco free lifestyle.

One of the greater resources mentioned is the CDC’s “Tips from Former Smokers” campaign. Complete with pictures and testimonial interviews of real life patients and their tobacco related ailments. Along with the campaign comes a motivational help app for smart phones and a toll-free number for people who’d like the support of another. The journey to living tobacco free may be different for everyone, but what would ultimately help in reducing the numbers has proven to be working and should be implemented worldwide in the hopes that we may obtain a tobacco free world. These key actions are:

  • To advocate the ban of indoor smoking universally everywhere
  • Keeping the anti-smoking campaigns alive and prevalent
  • Educate the youth on the adverse effects of chronic cigarette smoking (teaching units can be found on our site or the link below)
  • Making the available resources wider known
  • Spreading awareness of the negative outlook on tobacco

Though most of you reading are already advocates of health and safety, this is a topic that applies to everyone, everywhere, especially within the United States. Smoking is culturally accepted here, that is a fact. The problem is that we don't need it and never will. Cigarettes are about as useful as a car that catches fire every time you turn it on; if you had a vehicle like that you'd ditch it in a heartbeat. So why not do the same to cigarettes? But if you're on board, you need to be on board. Being passive solves nothing, so please take an active stance against smoking. Review the key actions above or visit the links below to learn how you can get us all one step closer so a smoke-free nation, and from there we'll be closer to a smoke-free world.

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