Vata Ultrasound Phantom

Vata Ultrasound Phantom

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A realistic and life-like model for the practice of using ultrasound to locate and access veins. This unique material will give you an ultrasound image the same as you would see on a patient when accessing veins under ultrasound guidance. The model's anatomically correct curved surface and flesh color are similar to the commonly scanned areas on patients for a more realistic experience. The model contains a 4mm and an 8mm vessel, each 10" long. The vessel depths are offset so that by rotating the model, the depth of the vessel changes - on one side the vessel is closer to the surface and on the other, it is at a greater depth. Designed to be easily accessed from both sides, it gives you up to four times the number of "sticks", compared to other models. Its 10" length allows catheters to be threaded into the vessels for a true insertion experience. The vessels are compressible and a "flashback" will confirm proper needle placement. Vessels are prefilled with simulated blood that mimics the appearance of human blood on the ultrasound image. They can be refilled easily with the supplied 2 oz. of simulated ultrasound blood, without the use of exposed needles. Dimensions 13.5" x 3.75" x 2". Sh. wt. 1.6 lbs.

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