Tooth Types of Different Mammals, Deluxe

Tooth Types of Different Mammals, Deluxe

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This series shows different types of animal teeth. The animal teeth includes those of cows (ruminant), pigs, dogs, cats (terrestrial carnivores), rabbits, and rats (rodents).

The animals and the type of teeth from each are as follows:

1. Pig: Incisors
2. Pig: Canine teeth
3. Pig: Molars
4. Cow: Incisors
5. Cow: Molars
6. Hare: Incisors
7. Hare Molars
8. Rat: Incisors
9. Rat: Molars
10. Cat: Incisors
11. Cat: Canine teeth
12. Cat: Molars
13. Dog: Canine teeth
14. Dog: Incisors
15. Dog: Molars

These animal teeth are from real animal skeletons. The animal teeth series are great for comparative anatomy and other studies.

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