The Human Heart

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The Human Heart

The human heart is a very strong, hardworking engine inside the human body. Each part within the heart has their own unique auto responsive job working together to power the entire body. As we all know, the heart is a pump which moves the blood through the body constantly. The arteries and veins can be thought of as the pipes of the engine that flow blood throughout the entire body. The various parts of the heart which are known as chambers, have distinct functions as previously mentioned.

According to the The blood flows through the four chambers of the heart and is regulated by one way valves to prevent backward flow of the blood. The four chambers are known as the Right Atrium, the left Atrium, the Right Ventricle, and the Left ventricle. The right Atrium has the Tricuspid valve. The left Atrium has the Mitral valve. The Right ventricle has the pulmonary valve, and the Left ventricle has the Aortic valve. The cycle of the flow is blood returned to the heart by the Veins from the body, to the right side of the heart which pumps blood into the lungs. The oxygen filled blood return from the lungs to the left side of the heart, then pumps blood to the rest of the body. The Aortic valve controls the flow out of the heart into the Aorta which is the largest of all the other arteries. The heart is in full time function, and should never be interrupted if possible.

A small organ that plays a huge role in the necessary functionality of the human body. Although the heart is so resilient, there are still a lot of threatening cases it can face every single day of your life. Knowing its importance, as well as the risks it can face are a great factor when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Every individual lives a different lifestyle, has a different diet, commits to a different physicality, and even has different genes. With we can definitely say that it would be a different case for each individual. Of course, there are a few generic basics one can attempt to encourage a healthy heart.

  • Be as active as you are capable of
  • Encourage yourself to maintain a healthy weight
  • Banish or limit salt intake
  • Stop smoking nicotine or smoking as much
  • Keep an eye on Cholesterol levels
  • Try to manage your blood pressure, as well as your blood sugar

Once you begin to take in more knowledge on the importance of your hearts health it will become easier to understand why these steps are necessary in your life. Only you can make the decision to encourage positivity in your health, and ensure that you live your life to your hearts fullest capable content. A tragedy or case can happen anywhere at any time, and have any effect on our bodies and our lives. Knowledge, an AED, And CPR Training is the first step to responding to an incident with your own body, or even another’s.

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