Stryker Power-PRO XT

Stryker Power-PRO XT

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Stryker's industry-leading powered ambulance cot answers the need for emergency transport that dramatically reduces strenuous lifting and the associated risk of back injury. Power-PRO features Stryker's innovative powered hydraulic lift to raise and lower patients with the touch of a button. The Power-PRO's ground breaking design features set the standard for superior performance and outstanding ergonomics.

Features & Benefits

The Power-PRO offers outstanding performance through unique design innovations previously unavailable in any Stryker ambulance cot.
Innovative Operation

Adjustable Load Height with Jog Function

Stryker's advanced adjustable load height with jog function allows the operator to preset the height of the load wheels to meet the ambulance deck to 36-inches. The jog function assists operators when loading on an incline by jogging past the preset load height.

Hydraulic Lift System

Stryker's high-speed hydraulic lift raises and lowers the patient with the touch of a button and fully retracts in 2.4 seconds, reducing load and unload times. The DEWALT industrial grade battery system with manual back-up ensures operator confidence and powers the cot through 20 complete call cycles.

Manual Back-up System

The Power-PRO's hydraulic lift has a fully functional manual back-up system that provides complete cot operation in the event of power loss. When the manual release handles are engaged, the cot will not drop until the weight has been lifted off the wheels by both operators, preventing accidental patient drop.

Built-In Pull Handles

Stryker's integrated pull handles at the foot end offer maximum operator control and support during transport. When loading, the handles fold down and clip conveniently out of the way.
Unprecedented Maneuverability

Retractable Head Section

Stryker's innovative retractable head section telescopes in, giving the operator complete 360-degree mobility in any height position. This feature assists operators in and out of confined spaces while maintaining a push/pull bar to maximize operator control.

Pneumatic Backrest

Stryker's advanced one-hand pneumatic backrest is a RUGGED innovation that ensures superior operator control and significantly reduces manual lifting. The Power-PRO's standard one-hand release assists the operator with lifting the back of a patient to any position which also delivers maximum patient comfort.

Fold Down Side Rails

Stryker's fold down side rails are a RUGGED innovation that require no additional lateral space, providing full operation in confined spaces for user-convenience. Their low-force operation offers security in the up position and unimpeded access to the litter in the down position.
Unsurpassed Safety and Stability

Automatic In-Fastener Shutoff

Stryker's innovative shutoff function automatically disables the cot when locked in the cot fastener system for exceptional, dependable safety.

Lift Capable Safety Bar

The Power-PRO's lift capable safety bar delivers handling confidence through smart design and rock solid construction. Dual lift points readily support a full load and accommodate operators of all heights.

Head and Foot End Lift and Grip Section

The Power-PRO's head and foot end lift and grip section offers unmatched ergonomics. Lifting handles optimize to 30-degrees, EMS operators' most preferred position.

Floor Mounted Safety Hook

Stryker's distinctive floor mounted safety hook design significantly reduces the risk of cot drop incidents and potential operator or patient injury during the loading and unloading process.
Superior Ergonomics

BackSmart Design

Stryker's revolutionary BackSmart design integrates innovative ergonomic features such as powered hydraulic lift, one-hand pneumatic backrest and low-roll force oversized wheels, into our EMS equipment to minimize strenuous manual lifting and significantly reduce the risk of back and other related injuries.

Oversized Wheels

Stryker's heavy-duty, oversized wheels require less roll force, providing safe, secure transport in any emergency situation. Reduced roll force provides exceptional operational ease and minimizes the risk of back injuries.

Foot End Controls

Stryker's foot end controls promote proper ergonomics through convenient placement on both the upper and lower lift bars accommodating operators of various heights.
RUGGED Reliability

Patented X-Frame Construction

Stryker's patented x-frame design defines proven performance and maximizes efficient operation for enhanced provider safety and patient comfort as well as dampened action during hot drops.

Powder-Coated Finish

Stryker's tough, highly visible yellow powder coating provides an extra margin of safety and withstands repeated power washings for decontamination. The finish eliminates oxidation.

Lightweight Construction

Stryker's RUGGED, yet lightweight aluminum construction facilitates low-force operation, helping to reduce strenuous daily lifting and related risk of operator injury.
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