Snake Bite Facts

Posted by CPR Savers on 5/5/2017
Snake Bite Facts

In many--but not all--cases, snake bites are avoidable. It is best to have knowledge of manageable tips to keep away from the risk of encountering a snake if possible. Most snakes fear humans and avoid interaction because it is in their nature of survival.

  • If you happen to encounter a snake, remaining calm is the first step to getting out of the situation. Avoid making sudden gestures or movements as these can be perceived as a threat. Refrain from loud noises such as screaming, and back away slowly.
  • • It is always better to gather as much knowledge of the snakes that are native to the areas you visit the most, including any areas you travel to. Warmer weather, rocky areas, tall grass landscape, bodies of water, heavy brush, and even in trees are familiar places snakes normally enjoy being.
  • • Be certain to pass all knowledge of snakes and their dangers on to your children as they are more at risk of fatality, as well as anyone with a weak immune system.

In the case of actually being bitten by the snake it is best to ensure that you have gotten to a safe distance away from the snake. Take pictures of the snake that bit you if possible, that way the doctors will have a better idea of what kind of wound care you will need. Be sure to immobilize yourself, as much as the wound in order to ensure that you are not making any venom travel through the body faster. Lying down with your head above your heart, and the wound beneath your heart has been known to aid in this. Be certain to call emergency medical services immediately and alert them of your location, and your situation. If possible wash the bitten area with antibacterial soap and water, or an antiseptic wipe that can be found in a first aid kit/snake bite kit. It is best to wait for the emergency medical services rather than attempt to treat the wound yourself. An improperly treated snake bite, is more fatal than a venomous snake bite. Be certain to keep all this in mind when out with friends, family, children, and even your pets.

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