SimuSeal Chest Seal Trainer

SimuSeal Chest Seal Trainer

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The Simu-Seal has emerged from redevelopment better than ever. 

Now available in a one-pack, with peel-open packaging that simulates the packaging of an Asherman Chest Seal or Bolin Chest Seal, or a two-pack (shown above) that simulates the packaging of a HyFin®, Halo or SAM® Medical chest seal.

"The first time you peel open a chest seal should not be when you're looking at a bullet wound"

The Simu-Seal Chest Seal is an inexpensive training product for practicing chest seal placement.  The 
Simu-Seal is designed for training use, and is not for medical application. As a practice chest seal device, the Simu-Seal costs a fraction of traditional chest seals and is specifically engineered for low tack adhesion to skin. The Simu-Seal can be peeled off from healthy intact skin with minimal discomfort and without incurring significant depilation (hair loss).  The ability to practice the management of a sucking chest wound within the setting of training is what builds muscle memory and allows for fine motor function even under austere conditions.  

The Simu-Seal allows for realistic training of penetrating chest trauma management, without the expense or discomfort of utilizing actual medical chest seals.

Advantages of the NEW Simu-Seal Chest Seal:

  • More Flexible
  • Better Adhesive
  • Now in a 2 pack - practice treating the entry and exit wound



    • The Simu-Seal Two Pack comes in a "tear open" package that simulates the packaging of the Hyfin®, Halo, and SAM® chest seals.
    • Pouch Dimensions: 5.9 in x 7.5 in
    • Weight: 1 oz


  • The Simu-Seal USA Single Pack comes in a "peel open" package that simulates the Bolin and Asherman chest seals.
    • Pouch Dimensions: 6 in x 7.5 in
    • Weight: 0.5 oz


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