Search & Rescue Water Manikin, Ruth Lee  (44lbs Child or 88lbs Adult)

Search & Rescue Water Manikin, Ruth Lee (44lbs Child or 88lbs Adult)

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The Search & Rescue manikins are a completely new model for water rescue - manufactured differently from the Man overboard version. The S&R model will be more borderline when it comes to buoyancy and will only be suitable for inland/calm water. It will have 6 pieces of foam to the front overall pocket which can be removed to reduce buoyancy further. A 20 lb 'divers pack' weighted vest clips to the dummy carcass over or under the overall. This 20 lbs coupled with the reduced foam inside the dummy will quickly sink it to the bottom for diver/lifeguard training. Additionally, there is a mesh hood included in the 'divers pack' showing a total weight of 110 lbs for when the additional weight vest is added. The head of the S&R model has a mesh panel on the top of the head to allow the air to exit and the manikin to sink more quickly.
Note: total weight may exceed 110 lbs once manikin is fully saturated.
Additional Information
Weight: Youth, 44 lbs and Adult, 88 lbs
Height: Youth, 4' 3" and Adult, 5' 11"

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