Ruth Lee Offshore / Ships Rescue GEN2 Manikin - 132 lb.

Ruth Lee Offshore / Ships Rescue GEN2 Manikin - 132 lb.

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Latest version of the increasingly popular Offshore Rescue Training Manikin. Updated to the GEN2 features, the Offshore is designed as an amalgamation of the HazMat and water rescue manikin the newly released Offshore manikin is a versatile product designed for water and general rescue training on offshore platforms and vessels. The polyester carcass and increased weight make this model stronger and more suitable for simulating rescues from accommodation areas, engine rooms or drilling platforms - used in conjunction with the tough protective overalls, this model will withstand the rigors of general training.

While this manikin will float well in static water it is advisable to use some form of buoyancy aid (life Jacket) in open seas or rough water. Weighing in at a respectable 132 lb (60 Kg) when dry. The offshore manikin is constructed using a polyester carcass with mesh to the ends of the arms, legs and head to aid drainage. As standard with any Ruth Lee Water Rescue manikin there is a polypropylene webbing loop on the back for hauling and hanging to dry as well as SOLAS reflective tape on the head. The protective overalls are made of tough high-tenacity PU coated polyester, 320 gms (similar to the type of materials used for bullet proof vests) with high-density polypropylene webbing double stitched in the identified high stress areas. The Offshore manikin is supplied complete with draining sturdy rubber boots; the boots help protect the legs if the manikin is dragged along metal gangways and corridors.

While it does not provide all the features that a standard water rescue manikin would, the offshore manikin is the perfect balance between functionality and value for those who are limited on storage space. Made in the United Kingdom.


  • 5'11'', 132 lb.
  • Tough, flame retardant Polyester - conforms to BS EN ISO 15025:2002 - the same material used in Police ballistic/stab vests.
  • The Offshore / Ships Rescue manikin will easily withstand a fall of 5 - 6metres into water with no damage, these manikins are tough!
  • Anatomically correct, these manikins can be used in marine evacuation systems and ship's lifesaving appliances, including survival craft equipment.
  • The ships rescue manikin can be safely used in water and will float - additional buoyancy aids should be used in very rough waters. This model will float vertically to simulate a live person in the water to practice casualty recovery and to demonstrate the problems associated with sea survival.
  • 60Kg in weight gives a realistic weight in water or around the offshore installation or vessel eg living accommodation or engine room.
  • The neck provides the ability to fit an immobilization/extrication collar - to promote proper casualty care.
  • Polyethylene strips running from shoulder to knee allow flexibility but prevent the manikin from bending when using stretchers or recovery devices like a Jason's Cradle.
  • A polypropylene loop to the back allows the manikin to be lowered into position or hung up to dry.
  • Protective overalls and boots are user replaceable and greatly extend the life of the manikin.
  • Ideal for compliance with SOLAS Chapter III Regulation 19.

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