Heat Safety for Pets

Posted by Jamesha on 3/16/2018 to Pet Safety

Although it is just March, the warm months are approaching quickly, and everybody needs to prepare. The elderly, obese, or people who have respiratory issues are extremely sensitive to the heat...

Firework Safety

Posted by Kat on 6/28/2017 to Safety Tips
Firework Safety

With the approach of Independence Day, we can all prepare for some fun, festivities, parades, food, and of course FIREWORKS. Crowds of people, mixed with open flames is something that can turn completely chaotic if the proper knowledge, and preparation isn’t applied. Professionals put on their own firework displays for the public to enjoy but of course there is still the fireworks that can be purchased at a local market or a firework stand. Although these fireworks are for the public to purchase, it does not mean that they are deemed safe.

Emergency Care for your Pet: CPR on Dog or Cat

Posted by Sandy on 11/1/2016 to Pet Safety

They are often considered our best friends, but sometimes we aren't prepared to treat them in case of an accident or emergency. Today's lesson, on performing CPR on a dog or cat, will be the first article in our pet safety series.

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