Oxygen Tank Information

Important: NOT ALL AIRLINES PROVIDE IN-FLIGHT SUPPLEMENTAL OXYGEN: Southwest Airlines, Reno Air and America West, etc, do not provide oxygen.

Click here to see the National Registry Test for EMT's for the Oxygen Administration Skill Sheet.

Table of suggested liter flow range for various oxygen masks:

Device Flow FIO2 Range Appropriate Use
Nasal Cannula 1/4-8 LPM 22-45% Long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) patients
Transtracheal Catheter 1/4-4 LPM 22-45% Patients who don't accept cannulas, high flow requirements
Reservoir Cannula 1/4-4 LPM 22-35% LTOT patients
Simple Mask 6-12 LPM 35-50% Acute short-term therapy requiring moderate FIO2
Reservoir Mask 6-10 LPM 35-60% Emergencies, acute hypoxemia, moderate FIO2
Nonrebreather Mask 10-15 LPM 80-100% Emergencies, respiratory failure
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