Nasopharyngeal Airway Kit

Nasopharyngeal Airway Kit

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Recommended for use in the semi-conscious or unconscious patient with an intact gag reflex. Not easily dislodged during transport and better tolerated than an Oropharyngeal Airway.

Designed to be inserted into the nasal passageway to secure an open airway. When a patient becomes unconscious, the muscles in the jaw commonly relax and can allow the tongue to slide back and obstruct the airway.


  • Sterile
  • Flared end prevents the device from becoming lost inside the patient's nose
  • Soft - No damage to nasal passage


  • Flexible - resists collapse or kinking
  • Latex and Rubber Free


Kit includes one each:

  • 105 mm or 22 FR
  • 110 mm or 24 FR
  • 118 mm or 26 FR
  • 125 mm or 28 FR
  • 127 mm or 30 FR
  • 120 mm or 32 FR
  • 6 foil packages of lubricating jelly
Smooth, rounded tips and non-grabbing exterior facilitate easy insertion.

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