Kidneys & Problems Affecting them

Posted by Leah on 5/11/2018 to Physical Health
Kidneys & Problems Affecting them

Kidneys are one of our major functioning organs in our body. They are so important that we are provided with two for the possibility of losing one due to injure. Our kidneys processes all the food and drinks we put in our body, to keep the nutrients and filter out all the toxins in our body to keep us healthy. However sometimes, the kidneys become impaired, and are unable to cleanse our systems. When this happens, various diseases to the kidneys can arise.

Among the most common are: Kidney stones, UTI, and Kidney infections. These diseases are benign and should be treated right away to prevent further kidney damage. Some of the most severe kidney problems are: Acute kidney injury (AKI), Hepatitis C , Chronic Kidney disease (CKD), and Kidney Failure. All of which leads to the loss of kidney use that may lead to dialysis or even a kidney transplant, if severe enough.

According to American Kidney Fund Some kidney troubles can be early signs of chronic kidney disease, which can get worse as time passes. Being aware of your body and knowing when to contact a doctor can subsequently help prevent bigger problems in the long run. Symptoms to kidney problems vary depending on what type of kidney malady your encountering. Some of the most common indications are: back and side pain, high blood pressure, burning sensation when urinating, shortness of breath, confusion and possible abnormal heart rhythms. Seek medical attention immediately if you or anybody you witness is experiencing these symptoms.

Unfortunately, not just AKI or Kidney disease can affect the kidneys. Hypertension, as well as diabetes, and alcoholism can also disrupt the kidney and the way it functions. That is why maintaining a healthy lifestyle, is crucial.

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