KEMP  Bloodborne Pathogen Kit in Plastic Bag

KEMP Bloodborne Pathogen Kit in Plastic Bag

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Part Number:10-599
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Bloodborne kits are mandated by many state agencies and are a must around a pool area. For example, if someone bleeds on the pool deck, even if you wash it with water or a hose, the blood remains. Our 10-599 kit comes with fluid-solidifying powder, bio-scoop with detachable scraper, biohazard bag with tie, germicidal cloth, medical grade gloves, BZK towelette, trash bag with tie, and paper towels
The KEMP First Aid Kits meet regulations required by the American National Standards Institute as well as OSHA. Additional first aid items should be included to augment kits, based upon specific hazards existing in a particular environment. Our kits are the most complete kits available to assure you that you will have what you will need during an emergency. All kits come in a rugged plastic, all-weather box suitable for hanging.

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