Heart History

Posted by Elijah on 6/22/2018 to Physical Health

With summer upon the United States, people are hitting the beach, or getting out to those water parks for some fun in the sun. While activity is generally a plus for habits towards good health, there is still a very important risk that should be addressed and assessed for families looking to spend a good amount of their summer outside. How many of us take the time to get to learn our family’s health history before planning a cruise? Well, experts at CDC believe this is more important than most individuals realize. If you’re going be spending time being active and pushing your body to the limits for the sake of sports or competition, you really should be double checking your family tree for history of heart disease.

It goes without saying that it only takes one accident to make glad times into sad times. Taking time to get to know the family is not only imperative, but it can be fundamental as well. Becoming familiar with your heritage is just one more piece of your overall self that it does nothing but good to know. Once you’re informed on what to expect, it makes steps towards prevention way easier. Once you find out how great the risk is, you can start to do things like:

  • Monitoring your food more closely
  • Keeping a balance of physical activity and recuperation
  • Quitting smoking (which you should just do anyway)
  • Getting any screening or test done that you would have never thought to get if you didn’t know your family had a history of heart disease

Once you look at the facts and you can see that understand it seems border line negligent to not educate yourself on your family’s health. I’d imagine that the standard for most parents is to protect their children from all foreseeable danger. Just because you’re blind to it now, doesn’t mean the danger can’t still ruin the family vacation. And even when you do make a recovery from that heart attack, you never fully forgive yourself for the memories that stick with your kids for life. So, we here at CPR Savers encourage you to get out and learn all you can about your family’s health before making those big plans for the summer or any future excursions and consider having the whole family trained in CPR and AED operation. A saved life is always a great story!

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