Fundus Skills and Assessment Module

Fundus Skills and Assessment Module

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The Fundus Skills and Assessment Module features the normal anatomy of the status-post or post-partum female abdomen designed for training fundus assessment and massage skills.
  • Realistic landmark of the symphysis pubis
  • Interchangeable firm contracted and "boggy" uteri
Fundus offset secondary to bladder distention
Anal hemorrhoids visible
2nd-degree midline episiotomy
Genitalia is elongated with swelling to the clitoral area
Vaginal orifice is more visible and opened
Labium minus more flapped to expose the vaginal canal
Modules are compatible with your existing FCS-3000, FCS-2500 and FCS-2300 Female Complete Care Dolls.
For use with
  • Interchangeable Catheterization and Enema Task Trainer
  • Nursing Anne

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