Flu Prevention

Posted by Elijah on 3/2/2018 to Physical Health

Who doesn’t like a good bundle during cold weather? They have bundle package deals, bundled wood for the fire, and walking bundled people. Winter is the time of year where fashion really takes a back seat to functionality. The various blanket monsters roaming the streets are a sight to behold and people often find themselves envious of the one who came to work wrapped like a cozy burrito. Yes, it’s because being cold sucks, but it probably has a great deal to do with prevention of sickness. With decreased temperatures, grandmas everywhere are constantly harping the importance of not going out with wet hair or staying in the warm. However, the statement “cold makes you sick easier” is a fallacy. Today, we’re going to talk about the true enemy in winter and what you can really do to prevent sickness.

While it’s easy to turn Jack Frost into the bad guy, the real culprit may be the scarcely available heat during the winter season. This is due to the conditions that are cultivated when air becomes dry from the lack of moisture that is naturally created by organisms in heated climate. When introducing poor ventilated heating to the already dry winter air, you’ve got yourself a flu transit in the sky. Influenza thrives in dry air. While the air itself doesn’t simply manifest the virus, having a carrier in the vicinity is more hazardous. Therefore, you’d see a correlation between sick people and cold weather. Everyone is inside in close quarters, trying to escape the frigid weather. I can’t blame them. With this information, getting sick probably seems inevitable. However, experts at CDC will tell you that is not the case, as they have an entire PSA devoted to flu prevention.

Key points of this article are:
  • Get vaccinated yearly
  • Take action every day to prevent the spreading of germs
  • If you get sick, see the doctor
  • Take all medication to completion
  • Remember to wash your hands whenever appropriate and sanitize often

While none of this is full proof, it’s better to do everything you can to increase your odds of survival against the vicious influenzas than it is to just brace for it and endure the 2-4-week quarantine that comes with contracting the flu and not wanting to spread it. If your worries are not put at ease and you’re in need of more preventative measures, check out CDC’s latest article on Cold Vs Flu. If you’re just in need of a few extra layers for the winter, check out our apparel section for the latest in military grade jackets and gear. No one knows how to bundle better than a soldier.

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