Convergence Training DVD: Laser Safety

Convergence Training DVD: Laser Safety

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Lasers have become an integral part of society. Due to their ability to carry large amounts of data with little or no signal degradation over long distances, they are commonly used in fiber optic communication systems. Use this course to learn safe work practices around Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASERs). This course covers the theory of laser light, how lasers work, types of lasers, laser classifications, laser hazards, low-power laser hazards, and laser pointer safety guidelines.

Based on: STD 01-05-001 - PUB 8-1.7: Guidelines for Laser Safety and Hazard Assessment

Laser Safety - Copyright 2012. Run time: 20 minutes. Test time: 12 minutes. Total time: 32 minutes.

Laser Safety - Learning Objectives
  • Describe laser light
  • Describe how lasers work
  • Identify the different types of lasers
  • Differentiate between the different laser classifications
  • List different engineering and administrative controls
  • Differentiate between specular reflection and diffuse reflection
  • List laser hazards and safety guidelines

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