Convergence Training DVD: Heavy Equipment Safety Introduction

Convergence Training DVD: Heavy Equipment Safety Introduction

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Heavy construction equipment is extremely productive. The size and power of these machines however, presents a degree of risk to the men and women who operate and work around them. This course will cover the basics for remaining safe around heavy equipment as well as some specific concepts and guidelines for you to follow when working with and around heavy construction equipment.

Based on: Industry Standards and Best Practices

Heavy Equipment Safety Introduction - Copyright 2015. Run time: 40 minutes. Test time: 24 minutes. Total time: 64 minutes.

Heavy Equipment Safety Introduction - Learning Objectives:
  • Describe the use of various types of personal protective equipment
  • Describe the correct method to mount and dismount a machine
  • Explain how to perform a walk around inspection
  • Describe why seatbelt use is important
  • Explain the difficulty of reduced visibility around heavy equipment
  • Describe how to move equipment in tight spaces and when to use a spotter
  • Explain the basic principles behind rigging a load to be lifted
  • Describe how you can protect yourself from falls when working on elevated surfaces
  • Explain the reason and techniques used to lockout and tag a piece of equipment prior to servicing
  • Describe how to block or crib a machine that is going to be worked on
  • Describe how to avoid injuring your back when lifting
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