ALS Simulator

ALS Simulator

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Improving Patient Safety
Patient care at all levels in modern healthcare is a highly complex process. The challenge to deliver continuous and consistent quality patient care requires accurate assessments, interventions and clinical decision making skills to ensure the best patient outcomes.
Building Competencies
Designed to meet the training requirements for medical emergencies, the ALS simulator responds to clinical interventions and targets key learning objectives including CPR, ACLS, NBC, trauma, bleeding control and first aid. By incorporating consistent simulation scenarios available on SimStore, instructors can easily integrate simulation into their clinical training curriculums helping learners make and correct their clinical errors without adverse consequences.
  • Difficult airway management simulations can be practiced including obstructed airway, airway blockage, and needle and surgical cricothyrotomy.
  • Variable spontaneous breathing, allows for simulation of a wide variety of patients with respiratory complications and the new improved airway allows for insertion of standard airway devices, including LMA and Combitube.
  • Blood pressure arm allows for palpation and auscultation of NIBP synchronized with cardiac rate and rhythms and an extensive library of rhythm variants for ECG interpretations using standard clinical monitors
  • Realistic normal and abnormal heart, breath and bowel sounds enhance simulations
  • Optional accessories, such as Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC), trauma, and bleeding control modules add realism to the training scenario.
Easy Operation
Depending on your training needs, ALS Simulator can be operated via the handheld, wireless SimPad System or a PC. No matter what you choose, you?re getting the quality, service and support you?ve come to expect from Laerdal. When used with the SimPad System, the ALS Simulator delivers a new level of simulation mobility making training more clinically relevant.
SimPad System operation provides:
  • Wireless control of the simulator
  • Touchscreen remote for easy operation
  • Intuitive software with Automatic and Manual Modes
ALS Simulator can be operated from a PC enabling automatic debriefing. The event log is synchronized with video, providing immediate, detailed feedback on performance which optimizes the simulation as an education tool.
PC operation provides:
  • Web-camera recording
  • Event log synchronized with patient monitor and in-room video
  • Extensive vital signs library including ETCO2, PAP and more
  • Radiology, Media, and Labs displayed on the ELO patient monitor
  • Adult, full-body Simulator
  • Interchangeable Pupil Set
  • Pack of 6 Neck Skin Collars
  • 1 Roll Cricothyroid Membrane Tape
  • Set of Replacement Pneumothroax Bladders
  • 6 Chest Drain Modules
  • Air Pump
  • Set of Defibrillation Posts
  • Jacket and pants
  • Directions for Use
  • Manikin Lubricant
** SimPad Unit sold separately **

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