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Survival Kits & Supplies

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144 Servings of Wise Powdered Eggs
144 Servings of Wise Powdered Eggs

Survival Kits & Supplies

Whether you are stuck in the dark after a hurricane, in a remote location with engine troubles or caught in a blizzard with the power down, it pays to be prepared. At CPR Savers & First Aid Supply we have the survival kits and supplies necessary for any scenario. In an emergency, being ready may mean the difference between life and death. Click here to learn about earthquake preparedness, and what tools you may need to survive. Having a supply of life sustaining water, food, ways to cook or heat it, lighting, and shelter are the basics to overcome any disaster. We've brought all these supplies together in one place.

  • Freeze Dried Food
  • Emergency Communication Equipment
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Emergency Water
  • Water Filtration
  • Emergency Toilettes
  • Self Defense Equipment
  • Backpacks & Bags
  • Emergency Light
  • Emergency Heating

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